Exciting news! Google rolls out shopping insights with discount codes; Know how to benefit

As the holiday season is around the corner, people are searching for various gifting ideas or looking to upgrade their electronics or home decor. To make holiday shopping easier, Google has rolled out new shopping insights which provide users with discount codes, price insights, and more. The shopping tab on Google will now be more useful for buyers to get amazing products with huge discounts and offers. Know how the shopping insights feature works.

About the shopping insights feature

According to the Google blog post, the company has integrated new shopping features into Chrome and Search. Desktop users will now see the Shopping insights in the Chrome address bar when users visit any shopping retail website. The shopping features include various price and discount tracking options that might entice buyers to make the purchase while also saving a huge amount of money. Google’s new shopping insights features are listed below:

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  • New deals destination: The Search will now include new deals destination where buyers can find all the discounted products on the web in one place so they don’t have to visit different places to compare prices. Google said, “They’ll include deals from a variety of merchants, including big-box stores, direct-to-consumer brands, luxury multi-brand retailers, designer labels and local stores.” To access the page, just type “shop deals” to get your hands on your required products.
  • Discounts in Chrome: If you are someone who is always in search of the lowest prices and looking for deals and discounts, then the app might come in handy for you. Chrome will find you discount codes. It also helps you resume browsing which you recently viewed on shopping websites. When you are on the shopping website, a new Discount Tag in the Address Bar will appear to show you available offer codes.
  • Merchants will also have control over what they want to display to the buyer via Merchant Center settings.
  • Price insights in Chrome: This new shopping insight feature will allow buyers to see the price history graph of 90 days
  • Lastly, buyers can set reminders for price drops of their selected product and receive emails whenever the product gets discounted.                                       Google launched the new shopping insight feature based on the survey conducted on US shoppers and Web Shopping queries. 

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