Fat Joe Explains Why Jay-Z Deserves No. 1 Rapper Spot

The results of Billboard and Vibe‘s Top Rappers list are in, and Jay-Z reigns supreme. The pick for the No. 1 Greatest Rapper of All Time doesn’t come as a surprise for Hip Hop fans; Hov has been hailed as a GOAT for years, and his worldwide impact on the culture and beyond is unmatched. From music to management to prison reform to politics to sport—Jay-Z and his team remain at the forefront of conversations far beyond entertainment.

However, as these Top lists often do, naming Jay as the No. 1 rapper ever has ruffled a few feathers. Fans want to see their favorites edge into those top spots—if not simply make the list—while others took to social media to call Hov overrated. Regardless of anyone’s take, Fat Joe jumped into the discussion to explain why he believes Shawn Carter deserves the accolades he receives.

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In a video, Fat Joe said he agreed with Vibe and Billboard’s placement. He claimed it wasn’t political but detailed how he came to his conclusion. “Historically, there were certain rappers that were the gods at the time. Who had flows like nobody else. But when they got older in age, it almost sounded” outdated, said Joe. “It don’t sound current with 2023. Jay-Z just dropped ‘God Did’ where he spit for eight minute straight! And not ’cause he’s the richest. It’s just, I agree with it.”

He added that as rappers age, many of them struggle to maintain cultural relevancy. As Fat Joe puts it, “they fell off as they got older.” At the Grammys, Jay joined DJ Khaled, John Legend, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Fridayy for an epic performance of “God Did.” Sadly, the acclaimed track didn’t earn any Grammys despite several nominations. Still, fans took it as a win for Hip Hop overall, especially considering the 50th Anniversary tribute performance that saw our favorite pioneers come together.

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Additionally, Nicki Minaj made Billboard and Vibe‘s Top 10 list. She earned herself the title of the No. 1 woman in Rap above her peers, solidifying for her Barbs that she, too, deserves her flowers. Check out Fat Joe’s hot take above.

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