Forget iPhone 15! iPhone 16 Ultra could be the MAJOR gamechanger you have been waiting for


Since the turn of the year, the leaks and rumours surrounding the iPhone 15 series have been coming fast and furious. Unfortunately, some of the top features that were tipped to arrive earlier, have reportedly been killed off. In fact, Apple is even sticking to the current naming strategy instead of adopting a new one for its highest-end model. However, Apple is expected to go all out next year with the reported iPhone 16 ‘Ultra’, which could be a major gamechanger.

The iPhone 16 Ultra, which is likely to launch in 2024, could bring several key changes to the iPhone altogether.

iPhone 16 Ultra

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple was expected to adopt the ‘Ultra’ moniker from the Apple Watch Ultra to replace the most expensive iPhone of them all, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman later claimed that Apple would keep the same name for at least one more year, thus keeping the ‘Ultra’ tag reserved for the highest-end model of the iPhone 16 series.

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Although none of the specifics were revealed, Gurman claimed that the iPhone 16 Ultra could feature a faster processor, additional camera improvements and a bigger display than its predecessor, which is the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Notably, for the first time ever, Apple is discarding its proprietary lightning port in favour of the USB Type-C port, albeit in a forced move-court orders. However, Gurman further claimed that Apple could even go ‘port-less’ next year with the iPhone 16 Ultra ditching the USB Type-C port too.

The renders of the iPhone 16 Ultra were shared by Jonas Daenert in February, and it takes design cues from the Apple Watch Ultra. Thick volume and power buttons can be seen along with one feature that is reported to be missing on the iPhone 15 Pro variants – the mute switch.

iPhone 16 Ultra: Expected pricing

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in Apple’s Q1 2023 Earnings call that customers are “willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category.”

Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 16 Ultra too is expected to be Apple’s highest-end iPhone, offering some of the very best features, and it could be priced accordingly. Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro Max currently starts at $1099, and it is likely that the iPhone 16 Ultra would be priced similarly, if not higher.

It should be noted that all this information is based on unofficial sources and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Only the official announcement from Apple will reveal actual details about the iPhone 15 series as well as the iPhone 16 Ultra.


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