Geek Out with Oh My World teaches the basics of international relations and geopolitics in a fun, fast, and easy way, and are meant to inspire students to study and work in these fields

NEW YORK, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A former national security official has released a series of educational videos entitled Geek Out with Oh My World to teach students the fundamentals of international affairs and answer major questions in the world of geopolitics. The videos are short (2-3 minutes), digestible, and are almost fully animated. They have been released on YouTube and are free.

Hagar Chemali behind the scenes while filming Geek Out with Oh My World

Hagar Chemali behind the scenes while filming Geek Out with Oh My World

Geek Out with Oh My World explains the range of theories and institutions that high school, college, and graduate students study in international relations, government, and political science courses. Ten videos have been released, and more will be regularly added. They cover a range of topics including:

“International affairs is often taught in a way that’s difficult to understand, which dissuades students from studying this field and excludes a portion of Americans from even accessing it,” explained Hagar Chemali, founder and creator of the Oh My World media brand. “The goal of these videos is to teach these topics in a fun and easy way, but also to inspire others to learn about them because geopolitics matter! What we do here, matters very much abroad; and what happens abroad, matters very much here.”

Chemali spent the majority of her career working in senior national security and public affairs positions in the U.S. government – at the National Security Council, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In addition to being the creator and host of Oh My World, she is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Oh My World is a mission-based brand that works to raise awareness of geopolitical issues and world developments and give viewers the tools to act in order to affect global change for the better. It includes a weekly world news and political satire show on YouTube, interviews with global changemakers, and short-form videos across social media platforms. Subscribe to Oh My World here.



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