G20 leaders emphasis on digital infrastructure a comprehensive vision for the future, says tech industry

The G20 declaration consolidates a vision for the future improved by technology, responsible artificial intelligence and digital public infrastructure, according to the tech industry.

The declaration agreed upon by the participating leaders in the New Delhi Summit stressed on international cooperation and further discussions on international governance for a safe, secure, trusted, accountable and inclusive digital public infrastructure (DPI).

Paytm Founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi “for making the impossible possible” and G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant’s “relentless persuasion” of getting the declaration through.

French digital innovation company Thales’ VP and Country Director for India Ashish Saraf applauded the G20 New Delhi Leaders declaration, saying that it presents a “comprehensive vision for a future improved by technology, emphasising the crucial role of responsible AI and digital public infrastructure.”

Ankura Consulting Group (India) Senior Managing Director Amit Jaju said the emphasis on Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository (GDPIR) show India’s commitment to bridging the digital divide.

Compliance Management Software Company Teamlease Regtech’s CEO and Co-founder Rishi Agrawal said it is time to expand India’s role in pushing expedited adoption of DPIs across the developing and developed worlds.

“(DPI) will enable an inclusive, open, and secure digital economy across the world. India’s plan to build and maintain a global repository of DPI will position it to be the world’s next economic superpower in the digital age,” he added.

Business software QueueBuster CEO Varun Tangri said the news is exciting for the retail sector. “The government’s commitment solidifies our vision and reaffirms where the industry’s future rests,” he added.

Diensten Tech Ltd (DTL) CEO Siva Prasad Nanduri said the new declaration will ensure the safety and security of all digital transactions, opening significant opportunities in the fintech, security, and data centre sectors.

“Having already leapfrogged the western markets in terms of payments and finance digital infrastructure, it is now India’s turn to also make equally important strides in the digital infrastructure necessary to establishing smart living communities,” according to Cavli Wireless Co-founder and CMO Ajit Thomas.

Alliance of Digital India Foundation said the emphasis on safe, secure, trusted, accountable, and inclusive digital public infrastructure in the G20 declaration reflects a commitment to responsible digital development.

“Prioritising human rights, personal data protection, privacy, and intellectual property rights is essential in the digital age. This approach aims to balance technological advancements with ethical considerations, ensuring that digital infrastructure benefits society while respecting individual rights and fostering innovation,” the AIDF spokesperson added.

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