Gameface’s Jeff Caudill forms new band Low Coast, debut LP coming (stream a track)

Jeff Caudill, leader of post-hardcore/emo vets Gameface, is now fronting a new band, Low Coast. “I thought I was making an acoustic record, but as the subject matter got more broad, the need for more instrumentation grew,” Jeff says of the project. “I could hear the songs in my head as big rock songs, and I knew I wasn’t writing a Gameface album, but I also didn’t want to retrace the same old steps as I’d done with my solo records – writing all of the parts and asking people to play them. I needed it to be a true collaboration.”

Jeff ended up recruiting bassist Mike Fratantuno, drummer Terence Yoshiak, guitarist Dave Hemann, and keyboardist Brian Lapin, and they wrote and recorded the 10 songs that make up the band’s upcoming debut album, Existing The Dream, due May 26 via Spartan Records (pre-order). We’re premiering lead single “Hard To Believe,” which has that classic Jeff Caudill delivery but in a way that’s a little more ragged and Americana-driven than Gameface. Even after all these years, Jeff is still writing songs with impact and urgency. He says:

I’ve been dreaming about this album for decades, and waiting years to release it. I feel like my patience is finally paying off. Low Coast is the band I’ve always wanted to have. These guys take my songs to places I could never get to on my own. We made this record during a really volatile time in history – and the songs reflect that. “Hard To Believe” is about the growing idealogical and political divide in our country. It’s meant to be a song of hope as much as it is an anthem of frustration.

Check out the new song, album art, and tracklist below…

Low Coast Existing the Dream

Hard To Believe
I Know We’ll Never Know
Out There
Everybody Shines
Nowhere Else To Go
(I Can’t Wait To) Live in the Moment
Irrational Anthem
Car Stereo

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