George Verwer, evangelist and founder of Operation Mobilization, passes following cancer diagnosis

George Verwer, evangelist and founder of Operation Mobilization, passed away peacefully yesterday while surrounded by family members and loved ones, at age 83.

In February 2023, Verwer shared that he had been diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer. It was in his special release newsletter that he asked, “Please ask people not to pray for total healing as I really am looking forward to heaven. Ask for prayer for grace for the rough journey that daily will be ahead.”

Verwer was well-known for his passion for making disciples of all nations and believed that “literal adherence to the principles laid down by Jesus Christ would, without a doubt, result in world-wide revolution. A revolution motivated by love; a revolution executed by love; and a revolution culminating in love.”

His organization, Operation Mobilization, provided the opportunity for Verwer to expand his ministerial efforts on a global scale and involve others in spreading the gospel. The organization’s mission is to “see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.”

OM, as one of the largest mission organizations, has sent forth thousands of missionaries to distribute Bibles and additional Christian literature, educating those they encounter about Jesus Christ and encouraging them toward a personal relationship with the Lord.

In an obituary distributed earlier this morning, Archbishop Joseph D’Souza recalled, “In his later years, an older and wiser George Verwer began to speak at every opportunity about how and why God works in and through a Church filled with human mistakes and sin.”

Regarding Verwer’s passing, OM representatives shared, “Our founder’s earthly mission is accomplished, and he is now with the Lord.” 

Numerous Christian leaders have also spoken out about Verwer’s passing, including Archbishop D’Souza who stated, “Losing George is losing my life’s mentor and my closest personal friend in the ministry. It is also an inspiration of a life lived well and a legacy now made complete with the words we all long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  

Reverend Johnnie Moore shared, “George was not famous on earth but he is famous in Heaven for making Jesus’ gospel famous all over the world.” 

Verwer’s family and colleagues are dedicated to continuing the legacy that he built through Operation Mobilization. OM is asking supporters to please help keep the flame burning brightly in sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with the unreached around the globe. 

The George Verwer Legacy Fund has been created to ensure Verwer’s dream of spreading the word and love of Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him. To donate to the fund and learn more about the mission of Operation Mobilization, please visit OM’s website here.

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