Hank Williams’ ‘lost daughter’ Jett never met her dad, but built her … – Montgomery Advertiser

On Jan. 3, 1953, the Montgomery Advertiser wrote the following about Hank Williams, who had died two days earlier during a car trip to Canton, Ohio:

“He was racked by physical and emotional afflictions, and those coupled with his gift of song, made him kin to millions.”

Among those millions is Jett Williams. Along with being one of Hank’s biggest fans ever, she is his biological daughter — and went through years of court to prove it. After that, she stepped into the world of Hank’s music, and was a touring musician for decades.

Jett’s not listed among Hank’s survivors in obituaries of the day. She was born Jan. 6, 1953, two days after Hank’s funeral in Montgomery, to Bobbie Webb Jett — a Nashville woman Hank met in the spring of 1952 (reportedly while still married Audrey and before marrying next wife Billie Jean).

Jett Williams is the daughter of late country-western icon Hank Williams.

Jett Williams never got to meet her dad, never got to look into his eyes, never got to hear him say her name — which went through several changes. Even so, she knows Hank Williams’ hillbilly singing voice, every recorded tone and inflection. She knows his music, and the stories behind the songs.

Hank Williams’ family ties

“The author of ‘Lovesick Blues’ is happily married and wants everyone to know he just got a ‘new addition,’ a son,” wrote Allen Rankin, a columnist for the Advertiser back in Hank’s day. Of course, that son is Hank Williams Jr., Jett’s half brother, who was born May 26, 1949.

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