Hardcore Frontman Gives Inspirational Speech About Jerking Off Horses For A Job

The immensely prolific Hate5six has shot hundreds, if not thousands of shows, over the years. Which means that there’s definitely some interesting stuff floating around those archives outside all the pummeling riffs and outstanding performances.

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One such oddity comes in the form of a recent Red Scare show, and their frontman Casey‘s inspirational speech about how he used to work at a horse insemination plant. The job consisted of manually getting horses off into a receptacle, which were then sold for a lot of money to horse breeders. The job paid next to nothing hourly, the receptacles sold for quite a bit more. You see where this is going.

So basically the gist of the speech is that in life there are the folks that proverbially jerk off the horse and get paid shit, and the guy who sells it and makes millions on the backs of the folks they’re paying peanuts to. It’s a pretty agreeable sentiment for most of us, in that the rich get richer while we’re all getting crushed by rising costs and inflation, but the speech itself is… a little more colorful than most. It’s also kinda messed up that the farm had a 15-year old kid doing that kind of job, right?

Anyway, watch it below, go check out Hate5six here, and jam some Red Scare here. Their songs are not about horses. Hate5six also plugged Casey‘s podcast Every Movie Is Good, which you can check out here.

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