Here’s the advice Peyton Manning gave Jalen Hurts before Super Bowl LVII

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts revealed during Super Bowl media week that he spoke with five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning about how to handle playing in football’s biggest game.

“He gave me some encouragement,” Hurts said of Manning reaching out to him ahead of the Eagles’ showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

Hurts — and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes — both attended the Manning Passing Academy as camp counselors in the past.

It’s unclear if Manning is picking favorites for Sunday’s game — there’s been no word on if he had a similar conversation with Mahomes. Manning and his son, Marshall, attended the Eagles-Giants playoff game last month with Marshall rocking a Hurts jersey. One day later, Marshall wore a Josh Allen jersey to the Bills-Bengals playoff game.

Hurts said in an interview with Ed Kracz of Eagles Today last November that he’s had a relationship with the Manning family for years.

“I’ve always had a good relationship with the Mannings,” Hurts said. “[… There are] little nicks here, little things I can learn from, pick their brain. I value that. I value the Mannings and the relationship that I have with them.”

Manning said in an interview with PEOPLE last week that he texted Hurts throughout the season. The two-time Super Bowl champion said he has relayed to Hurts advice he received for handling Super Bowl week.

“Some advice that someone gave me about playing a Super Bowl is just to try to keep your routine as close to the same as possible as you have all season,” Manning said. “It’s tough to do that because of the media requirements, and you’re staying in a hotel, and you’re busting the practice, and you’ve got family in town.”

Manning said he tried to block out distractions during the busy week, and he recommended that Hurts do the same.

“To me, that was really good advice to try to do things as much the same as you have all year to get you comfortable for Sunday’s game.”


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