Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness’ Marriage Was ‘Broken’ By COVID & The SAG Strike!

As our readers have probably already heard by now, an era is coming to a shocking end as Hugh Jackman and Debora-Lee Furness have announced they’re divorcing after nearly 30 years of marriage.

We mean, come on. They’ve been together since 1995, y’all! They seemed like the couple who could get through anything, always fending off rumors and noise, as indestructible as Hugh’s Wolverine character. We’ve been scratching our heads ever since hearing the news — what could have destroyed such an enduring bond??

Surprisingly, it seems to be the same answer as many couples over the past couple years: a global pandemic. An insider spilled to on Friday afternoon that the marriage really went through a strain due to the COVID lockdowns. The source said:

“They are forever linked, forever together with the children they have. But after the past few years, the love they had for each other turned more into a friendship which got broken during COVID, as the lockdown didn’t help their marriage at all and really put a strain on their relationship.”

While the pando brought some couples together, others it shattered completely. As stars went from 60 to zero, a lot of times it challenged their ideas of who they were without the constant movement. That’s especially true of busy celebs, like touring pop stars and in-demand movie actors, globe-trotting and meeting new people and changing venues constantly — then… just being home. With their thoughts. And their spouses.

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Seeing as no one is busier than Hugh, who made balancing blockbuster movies and Broadway productions look effortless for the last decade or so, this must have made a real change in the relationship’s working dynamic.

Why didn’t they split in 2020 like so many other couples? Because they fought to keep it alive! The insider says:

“They worked on it and couldn’t get it back. The strikes haven’t helped one bit, it got them in the same predicament as COVID did, to where they were just kicking the tires, and Hugh found it all to not have the same magic as they once had. Deb had similar concerns and thoughts and separating is the best option.”

Ah, right. The SAG-AFTRA strike, which recently shut down Hugh’s latest project, Deadpool 3, sending him home to NOT work yet again. That one-two punch was finally enough to KO the Aussie power couple. In fact, a rep for Hugh even confirmed to the outlet that COVID and the strike both affected the marriage. Wow.

We don’t know how long the couple have been ready to uncouple — though Debora-Lee was spotted without her ring a bit before the announcement. But we wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been talking about it ever since 2020. The other thing that’s changed this year? Their daughter Ava is now 18. They certainly wouldn’t be the first couple to wait until their youngest went off to university in an effort to make the split less awkward.

And they ARE trying hard to keep things amicable, per the source, who confirms what they said in their joint statement about staying friends is true:

“They will never talk negatively about each other, just time has passed for them and they are now accepting that fate.”

Such a sad fate indeed. Hopefully things can stay positive between them at least, even if they’ll never be romantic again!

[Image via Hugh Jackman/Instagram.]

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