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Intocable — “Obsesion” (Video Oficial)
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Intocable takes the world by storm once again with the highly anticipated release of their latest single, “Obsesión.” Written by legendary songwriter Leo Dan, this masterpiece is a mesmerizing tale of unyielding devotion that delves into the depths of unbridled passion and relentless infatuation.

“With ‘Obsesión,’ we’ve ventured into the depths of human emotion, capturing the essence of an all-consuming passion that defies reason,” shares lead vocalist Ricardo Muñoz. “It’s a privilege to bring Leo Dan’s poignant composition to life and share it with our fans.”

“Obsesión” is a song that delves into overwhelming longing, depicting someone completely fixated on another person. The lyrics vividly describe their irresistible urge to control, follow, and find this person, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. The song closely examines this obsession, revealing its immense impact on the person’s life. They believe this profound connection will endure even after death, a love that extends beyond life’s limits. With poetic lyricism, Intocable masterfully captures the depth of this love and the challenges of living without the person one cares so deeply about.

“Obsesión” is a testament to Intocable’s unmatched ability to convey evocative storytelling through their music. Their signature blend of rich melodies and poignant lyrics invites listeners on an emotional journey that lingers long after the last note fades. Leo Dan’s masterful composition, previously unreleased and entrusted to Intocable, adds an extra layer of depth and significance to this latest musical offering.

The official music video features the band members in animated form.

“Obsesión” is now available on all major digital platforms.

Intocable is currently setting stages ablaze on their thrilling tour across the United States and Mexico. Fans on both sides of the border are experiencing the electrifying performances that have become their signature. Just before embarking on this tour, Intocable wrapped up a highly successful journey through Canada, leaving a trail of sold-out shows and adoring fans in their wake. Their ability to captivate audiences across North America underscores their status as a global musical phenomenon. For more information visit

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