iOS 17 Beta 6 photo sharing update: Check what?s new for you

The most anticipated Apple event is around the corner and Apple is introducing regular updates in iOS 17. Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update which was announced at the WWDC 2023 on June 5, promises a range of exciting new features and enhancements for iPhone users.

Apple has been continuously beta-testing its new updates, just before the grand Apple event to ensure that there are no bugs or glitches. Among these updates is a revamped Messages app that introduces a more streamlined photo-sharing experience. Check out what is new for you in photo sharing:

Simplifying Photo Sharing

One of the notable changes in the iOS 17 Messages app is the way users share photos. In previous iOS versions, users had to tap the Photos icon in the row of apps beneath the text input field to access their Camera Roll. However, iOS 17 introduces a more intuitive approach. The traditional Camera and Photos buttons have been replaced by a single ‘+’ button located to the left of the text field. This change contributes to a cleaner and more organized interface.

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Efficient Access to Photos

Apple has included a clever shortcut to streamline the process to access the photos. Users can now long press on the ‘+’ button, which instantly opens up their iPhone’s Camera Roll. This means that users can quickly select the desired photos without navigating through multiple screens.

Enhanced Customization

iOS 17 brings enhanced customization options to the Messages app. Users now have the ability to organize iMessage apps and manage iMessage sticker packs directly within the app. This feature empowers users to personalize their messaging experience.

iOS 17 Beta 6

iOS 17 Beta 6 for iPhones was announced a few days ago as we reported earlier. This new update brought various changes which include Contact Posters, Live Voicemail transcription, and a changed layout of the end call button. After facing major backlash from users, Apple brought back the position of the end call to its original position i.e. to the center position. In the upcoming days, we may witness more updates during the beta testing of iOS 17. However, it should be kept in mind that beta updates come with various bugs and glitches and it may affect your iPhone’s performance. These bugs may lead to poor battery performance, unresponsive phones, and some apps may not work properly for a while. Therefore, download these beta versions at your risk and be careful while using them.

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