iOS 17 to bring these highly requested features to iPhones?


In the last few weeks, the excitement around Apple iOS 17 update has gone from zero to a hundred! Initially, the update was dismissed by many enthusiasts after reports suggested it will only bring some minor changes. But now, many leaks have revealed a number of new features that could come to iPhones with the iOS 17 update. The features that have been leaked so far have been exciting, yet many fans fear that some much-needed features may not make an appearance this year. It is not too late, however. Apple could definitely delight us with some surprise inclusions. But what are these highly-requested features that can make the lives of iPhone users much better? Take a look.

So far, the iOS 17 update is expected to give Apple Music an overhaul allowing users to get a cleaner and graphics-heavy interface. Lock screen lyrics can also be supported. Apart from that, a much-rumored feature is sideloading apps, which means users will be able to download and install apps from sources outside of the Apple App Store. Other changes include improvements to lock screen, Control Center, Flashlight, and App Library as well as the introduction of a Mood Tracker.

Highly-requested iOS 17 features

iPhone users have been asking for a battery widget for a long time that could accurately show the battery level. For now, users have to enter the Find my app on the Apple device to check this through a visual representation. But this can be made very easy. In fact, since Apple devices are always keeping track of all the other Apple devices nearby, the inclusion of a feature to check the battery level of all devices on a single screen would be even better.

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Notification mirroring is yet another feature that has been requested by users for a long time. Notification mirroring is something that has been present in Android for a long time. But on the Apple ecosystem, it has been limited to Apple Watch mirroring only iPhone notifications. Apple has already allowed for a feature where messages to iPhone can be pushed to iPad or Mac. Similarly, an option so that no matter which Apple device a user is on, they can check all the notifications on all the devices would be very helpful.

Finally, emoji reactions in the Messages app need improvements. Right now, Apple only allows users to pick from a small selection of emojis. This is not the case for either Android, which now allows users to send any emoji as a reaction or third-party apps like WhatsApp, FaceBook or Instagram, where the parent company Meta has added the functionality. This makes Apple feel a bit outdated and it is a feature that will improve the user experience.

We do not know whether Apple is working on any of these features or if they will be a part of the iOS 17 update, but these would definitely be welcomed, based on the number of users who request it on a regular basis.


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