iPhone 14 price cut alert! Not 79900, nab iPhone under 40000 with this incredible deal

Planning to buy an iPhone? Then know the iPhone 14 is now available at a new insanely low price. All thanks to this Flipkart deal which has reduced the price of this flagship by 12 percent. Since the launch of the iPhone 14 series, we have seen several spectacular deals on this flagship iPhone model, but this deal offers a chance to nab premium smartphones without any sale being live.

While the current price cut is certainly advantageous for buying the iPhone 14 at a reduced price, combining it with other bank cashback options and exchange deal can further decrease the cost. It’s quite interesting that a phone worth Rs. 79900 can now be purchased for less than Rs. 40000. Are you surprised? Check out the latest iPhone 14 price cut deal on Flipkart to learn how to obtain it at an incredibly low price.

iPhone 14 price cut on Flipkart

With the latest price cut deal on Flipkart, the 128GB storage variant of iPhone 14 is now available at a reduced price of Rs. 69999, down from its original price of Rs. 79900. Additionally, Flipkart has collaborated with HDFC Bank, which enables customers to avail of an instant discount of Rs. 4000 on HDFC Bank Credit and Debit Cards. This means that the iPhone 14 can be purchased for Rs. 65999.

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Moreover, Flipkart is also offering an exchange deal that allows customers to receive a massive discount of up to Rs. 29250 while exchanging their old phones. After fulfilling all the requirements, customers can buy the iPhone 14 for just Rs. 36749, including bank offers and exchange deals. However, it is advisable to ensure that your old smartphone is in good working condition to receive a high value through the exchange deal. The discount amount may vary depending on the device being exchanged.

Also, note that this discount is exclusively available for the Red colour variant of the iPhone 14, and you may find different prices for the other colour variants.

iPhone 14: Why you should buy it

The iPhone 14 design and specs are more or less similar to the iPhone 13 and you would be wondering about which one you should buy. But it is worth noting that the iPhone 14 gets the 5-core GPU A15 Bionic chipset. It also gets Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity whereas last year’s iPhone 13 offers Bluetooth 5.0. More interestingly, it also comes with Emergency SOS via satellite feature and Crash Detection, which are not there on the iPhone 13.

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