iPhone 15 lineup with bigger batteries spotted; iPhone 15 Pro Max is truly power-packed

Apple usually keeps its iPhone battery sizes a secret, but a recent find in a Chinese database has revealed some interesting details about the new iPhone 15 series. Surprisingly, the biggest iPhone 15 Pro Max has the largest battery, while the iPhone 15 has the smallest .

The demand for Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro soared when pre-orders opened worldwide, causing delivery times to stretch into November, according to Bloomberg. Notably, the Pro Max model had delivery dates pushed back to mid-November in the US. In India, some versions of the Pro Max faced delays of up to eight weeks. iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced at 1,59,900 in India, This delay might continue to get worse as more people submit their pre-orders. Also read: iPhone 15 series: How to pre-order Apple’s newest iPhone online

The leaked information reveals that the iPhone 15 has a 3,349mAh battery, while the iPhone 15 Plus boasts a 4,383mAh battery. The iPhone 15 Pro has a 3,274mAh battery, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a 4,422mAh battery. In comparison, the iPhone 14 has a 3,279mAh battery, and the iPhone 14 Plus has a 4,325mAh battery. The iPhone 14 Pro features a 3,200mAh battery, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 4,323mAh battery. MySmartPrice obtained these details from the database.

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Despite these slightly larger batteries, Apple hasn’t said much about whether these changes will result in noticeably better battery life. It’s possible that any improvements might be subtle and not hugely impactful in everyday use. Having said that, the new A17 Pro chip on the iPhone 15 Pro models is expected to save battery life to a large extent with some saying it could go as high as 10%.

As customers eagerly await their new iPhones, the delivery delays suggest that many people prefer the pricier, higher-end models. With the iPhone 15 series about to hit the market, it’s clear that Apple’s latest phones are generating a lot of excitement in the smartphone world.

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of the latest iPhone 15 series in India:

  • iPhone 15 with 128GB: 79,900
  • iPhone 15 with 256GB: 89,900
  • iPhone 15 with 512GB: 1,09,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus with 128GB: 89,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus with 256GB: 99,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus with 512GB: 1,19,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro with 128GB: 1,34,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro with 256GB: 1,44,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro with 512GB: 1,64,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro with 1TB: 1,84,900

So, if you’re looking for a new iPhone with a bigger battery and a fancy price tag, the iPhone 15 series might be just what you’re after.

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