iPhone 15: This ONE thing can make or break Apple?s base model smartphone

Apple September event 2023 is slated for the 12th of the month and there are barely a few days left now. For all those fans waiting for the big day, it is likely clear that this year’s iPhone lineup is expected to get a substantial upgrade over its predecessor. Last year, many were disappointed that the non-Pro models did not get enough new features to warrant an upgrade over the iPhone 13, however, this year, the fans of the standard model of iPhone 15 are in for a treat if rumors are to be believed. It can get a 48MP primary rear camera, Dynamic Island, USB-C charging port, and the A16 Bionic chipset. However, whether the smartphone becomes a hit among consumers or not is largely dependent on one key factor — its price.

Lately, leaks around price hike for the iPhone 15 series has begun doing the rounds. It is likely that both the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max can see a significant price hike this year. While the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to get a $100 price hike and be available starting at $1099, the iPhone 15 Pro Max can start at $1299, marking a massive $200 hike. But these are rumors and we will find out the real prices at the Apple event, which may launch these smartphones.

Will iPhone 15 see a price hike?

There have not been any rumors about price hikes for the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Plus. For the latter, it makes sense since it was announced only last year and to increase its price when the only thing separating it from the standard model is its large display, can backfire. But the iPhone 15 is a tricky smartphone.

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Because of the abovementioned features, there is a case to be made to hike its price as well, but Apple has more to lose in that case. There are two main reasons. The first is that the base model of the Samsung Galaxy S series, which is a rival to the iPhone, also sells for the exact same price of $799. If Apple increases the price of the iPhone, consumers might begin debating whether it is worth the price or whether a cheaper Samsung flagship is a much better proposition.

Second, despite the new features, Apple might struggle to justify a price hike for the iPhone 15. Even with all the upgrades, the smartphone lags quite behind the Pro models, if leaks are to be believed.

The Pro models can get a titanium frame, a new Action button, a thinner bezel display, the new 3nm A17 Bionic chipset, and more. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is also rumored to get a periscope zoom lens that can improve its optical zoom capability to 5X-6X (one leak even claims it can go as high as 10X). Compared to this, the iPhone 15 standard edition can feel like it is not even part of the same flagship lineup.

Due to these two reasons, and because of the lack of any rumors around price hikes, it is likely that the iPhone 15 will start at $799 again this year. However, if Apple does go ahead with an increased price, the reaction of consumers will be interesting to see.

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