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While some observers are treating Saturday’s murder of three Black people at a Jacksonville Dollar General as an anomaly, others see it as a byproduct of a culture that aids and abets racism and violence at the expense of equality guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Jacksonville Urban League drew a direct connection between the “tragic event” of the weekend and a political environment that has allowed prejudice and hatred to fester and spill over into violence.

“This tragic event is emblematic of disturbing trends we observe today — efforts by those in positions of power to tighten their grip on the lives of citizens not only in our region but across Florida and the entire nation. We have witnessed attempts to undermine the progress made by educated leaders in education and business who seek to eradicate racist attitudes,” read a statement from the Urban League.

“Furthermore, the imposition of legal barriers obstructs genuine initiatives aimed at achieving equitable treatment for all. These actions have emboldened individuals who seek to sow division and hatred, resorting to intimidation and violence to advance their own narrow agendas.”

The group urges local and state leaders to take a second look at their policies and political posturing.

“In the face of these challenges, we call upon every leader in our city and state to reflect deeply on their responsibilities. It is imperative that we collectively put an end to the propagation of hate,” the Urban League added.

“We must unequivocally declare that every citizen, regardless of their background, is deserving of equal treatment and respect. Our strength as a society lies in our diversity, and we must actively safeguard this pluralism from those who would seek to undermine it.”

Those who don’t understand that, the statement adds, should take a second look at their positions of leadership.

“Leaders who fail to champion these values and to send a clear message against hate should reevaluate their roles. Governance should be entrusted to those who are committed to upholding the principles enshrined in the Constitutions of the State of Florida and the United States of America — principles that recognize the inherent dignity and equality of all individuals.”

One leader who has taken the brunt of criticism, Gov. Ron DeSantis, has committed $1.1 million in state funds to bolster security at Edward Waters and to help the victims’ families.

DeSantis offered remarks at a vigil near the shooting site Sunday, but was greeted with jeering derision, which was only abated when a City Council member urged the crowd to quiet down and let the Governor speak.

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