Japanese Breakfast has some strong words for anyone who thinks The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ is their best album

Japanese Breakfast has caused a stir online by sharing her controversial thoughts on The Beatles‘ seminal seventh album ‘Revolver’.

Released back in 1966, the record is widely regarded as the Fab Four’s best full-length project. Using cutting edge studio technology, the LP is one of the most innovative pop records ever made.

Taking to Twitter last Sunday (February 19), Japanese Breakfast – real name Michelle Zauner – claimed that “‘Revolver’ is the ‘Tusk’ of Beatles albums”, referring to Fleetwood Mac‘s experimental 1979 follow-up to ‘Rumours’.

“I’m not saying either of these albums are bad!” Zauner clarified in a follow-up tweet. “I’m saying if they’re your favourites you’re a contrarian and wrong.”

Predictably, fans were quick to voice their own opinions. Mark Ronson retweeted Zauner’s post, claiming that ‘Revolver’ track ‘She Said She Said’ was better than “most songs throughout history”. In response, Japanese Breakfast said: “You unfeeling snob you.”

She also hit back at a follower’s claim that ‘Good Day Sunshine’ was “the best Beatles song”, tweeting: “‘Good Day Sunshine’ is Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ of the Beatles catalog.”

Another fan commented: “[‘Revolver’ and ‘Tusk’] just both feel so modern so they especially appeal to our generation. There’s this sense of each respective band having figured something out beyond their contemporaries (whether that’s the truth or not).”

Zauner replied: “Yes ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Love You To’ [are] extremely modern tracks with massive appeal.”

Popular music vlogger Anthony Fantano – best known for his YouTube channel The Needle Drop – was also among those to weigh in, saying: “She’s right.” Japanese Breakfast responded: “I was just thinking I bet this is what melon deals with every day.”

Elsewhere, the artist replied to Black Midi‘s Geordie Greep who said her opinion on the “two masterpieces” was “wrong as fuck”. Zauner fired back: “Aren’t you supposed to be interesting?”

See the interactions and more replies here:


At the time of writing, Japanese Breakfast’s original tweet has been quote-tweeted over 1000 times.

‘Revolver’ appears at Number Three on NME‘s ranking of The Beatles’ albums behind 1969’s ‘Abbey Road’ (Number Two) and 1967’s ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ (Number One).

‘Tusk’, meanwhile, features at Number Two on NME‘s list of the best Fleetwood Mac records, with ‘Rumours’ holding the top spot.

Last year saw the release of a special edition reissue of ‘Revolver’ which includes a new stereo remix of the album by Giles Martin, the son of late Beatles producer George Martin. The collection also boasts session recordings, demos, an EP and more.

Japanese Breakfast’s third and most recent full-length project, ‘Jubilee’, came out in 2021.

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