Jerusalem Scriptures Central to Jewish, Christian 7th Knesset Bible Gathering

JERUSALEM, Israel – Jewish and Christian leaders recently gathered at Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, to talk about the Bible. The discussion centered on how scripture says the law of the Lord will come out of Jerusalem.

The religious leaders focused on a key verse from the Hebrew scriptures.

Micah, chapter 4, verse 2 says, “For out of Zion the law shall go forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” 

Rabbi Yehuda Glick of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, explained, “And to understand that the word (of the) Torah and the word of HaShem (the Lord) does not belong to the Jewish people. It’s the word of HaShem to all nations. And we heard different implementations, different impacts of the word, these words to different people from different countries and how they connect and how the light of HaShem goes out from Jerusalem.”

The meeting represented the 7th Knesset Bible study, an idea birthed between Rabbi Glick and Dr. Jim Garlow and his wife Rosemary, founders of Well Versed Ministries.

“I have felt in our first one, I came out of that first one feeling the way – best way I can say it –there was a smile on the face of God, Dr. Garlow said. There was something extraordinary about each one of them we’ve had here. It was so meaningful to be at this location in this city talking about the very passage that Yehuda Glick assigned to us today.”

Two Knesset members from both the Netanyahu coalition and the opposition came to address the scripture. 

Ohad Tal, from the Religious Zionist Party said, “The Bible is the core of the base and the core of our identity and of all Western civilizations. Therefore, we all need to strengthen and to deepen our relation, connection and knowledge of the Bible.”  

Michael Biton from the opposition National Unity Party, expressed his gratitude for the gathering. “I would like to say, first of all, thank you for the support to Israel. Thank you for the commitment to the State of Israel. Thank you for keeping this partnership.” 

Dr. Ruth Plummer from Covenant Daughters TV added, “Today was so important because it was a time for the Knesset members, the rabbis and the Christian leaders to come together and study the word of God, and it was in the capital of Jerusalem. It was just beautiful.”

The Garlows brought flags representing 15 nations, from which many asked to have a presence at the Jerusalem gathering.

“That these nations will be righteous nations, sheep nations, among, among the world, and that they are demonstrated before God and all the world, that they are going to follow the ways of God in their government and for their people and believe for God’s protection, intervention, and blessing over their countries,” Rosemary Garlow said, and added, “He’s the only hope we all have.”

The Republic of Kenya’s Ambassador to Israel, Samuel Thuita, was also in attendance.

He told those assembled, “The message I wanted to bring today is that there is hope that the word of God is a promise and if we keep the word of God, we will see it and we have a better future as nations of the world.”

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