JLab’s alarmingly affordable high-end buds are stacked with next-gen features

Audio brand JLab has launched, what it calls, “its most premium true wireless” earbuds, and looking at the specs, that statement isn’t total hyperbole.

Dubbed the JLab Epic Lab Edition, these earbuds sport a “hybrid dual-driver design”. One speaker is for pumping out “rich bass and low frequencies” while the other supports the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve – or the Knowles Curve for short. Without getting too deep in the weeds, the latter expands the treble sound profile allowing for better high-frequency output. The company states this combination results in a “well-balanced and crystal-clear” audio experience that isn’t possible on earbuds with a single driver. Consumers will be able to enjoy detailed, Hi-Res sound on their smartphones thanks to this hardware. On Android, this will be delivered through the LDAC codec ensuring CD-quality audio, while on iOS, it’ll be through AAC (Advanced Audio Codec). 

Notable features

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