Karnataka CM Bommai raps Shettar, Savadi for joining Congress; ‘Enjoyed all powers in BJP’

The Karnataka Assembly Elections are only a few days away. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which lost at least 10 leaders and former ministers before the important assembly elections, is in an unexpected bind.

Responding to a question about the exodus of multiple leaders and ministers just before the Assembly polls, Karnataka CM Bommai stated, “Jagadish Shettar & Laxman Savadi enjoyed all powers in BJP and they later joined the Congress party. They will not be accepted by the people of the state.” 

In response to questions about his plans should the saffron party win another term as the state’s chief minister, CM Bommai responded by saying that he had never imagined becoming a CM. 

“I had never imagined becoming the CM, but the party’s high command decided it. Now also, the party high command will take a decision,” the veteran BJP leader stated.

Like Shettar, Bommai was raised in a political household. In the late 1980s, SR Bommai, his father, was the state’s chief minister. In 2008, he joined the BJP and quickly advanced within the organisation.

When Bommai was chosen to succeed BS Yediyurappa as chief minister, he was serving as the home minister. It was anticipated that the senior leader, Jagadish Shettar, would be included as a minister when Bommai established his cabinet.

Shettar had served in BS Yediyurappa’s administration. However, he decided against serving in Bommai’s government, stating that as the chief minister in the past, it would not be appropriate for him to do so. This action implied that Shettar thought of himself as superior to Bommai.

Bommai appeared to place the blame on the central leadership when asked why Shettar was not handed a ticket for the next elections despite having an impressive record and a respectable reputation. Later, Shettar said that BL Santosh, the party’s general secretary, was responsible for the choice.

After Shettar expressed his anger over not receiving a ticket, Bommai went to his residence in Hubballi along with Union ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and Pralhad Joshi.

According to Bommai, Amit Shah even called the dissatisfied former chief minister and promised him a significant position in Delhi. But every attempt to placate Shettar was in vain.

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