Keke Palmer Takes A Stroll With Newborn, Says Motherhood Is “My Greatest Gig”

Parenthood looks great on Keke Palmer. The veteran actress-singer is commanding the most important role she’ll ever tackle: motherhood. Palmer shared the news of her pregnancy with the world in December while hosting Saturday Night Live. It’s reported she decided to make her big reveal on the show after realizing the physicality needed to perform couldn’t be done while keeping her secret. She closed out February with the news of her son’s arrival and even shared his name: Leodis Jackson. Fans had fun teasing her about that one, but Palmer took it all in stride.

Since then, she’s been updating her followers about the ups and downs of her first months as a mom. This week, Palmer shared a photo of her “mommy’ing” with her newborn, nicknamed “Mookie Mook,” as they went for a stroll. “I have juggled quite a few careers but this is my greatest gig of all,” the actress wrote in the caption of her photos. “Learning how to balance it all and looking forward to discovering this new person I am becoming. I will never be the same again, but if you thought I was a bad mama jamma before, you can’t imagine the greater purpose my son has given my life!”

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She added, “Also, loving the new world I get to indulge in now as a mom. I have so many things bagged in my Amazon cart, haven’t quite pulled the place the order button, but it feels good just adding it to the cart. You know, fake shopping hahaha. Mom ‘stuff’ is a big business, who knew.😝😅❤🙏🏾🔥😘🤦🏾‍♀.” Meanwhile, Palmer’s growing family has drawn attention to her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. Little is known about the entertainment and sports professional, but it’s reported he and Palmer began dating in May 2021. They were said to have met at a Memorial Day party hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs.”

Additionally, Darius is related to Sarunas Jackson, the actor who starred in Insecure from 2017 to 2021. It should also be noted that Sarunas famously called out Trey Songz, alleging the singer is a predator. Previously, Palmer accused Songz of sexual intimidation, even saying she hid from him in a closet. Meanwhile, unlike other stars, Palmer and her man keep the details of their relationship close to the vest. Their fans may not have a close eye on their romance, but the couple does pop up on social media in photos where they can’t help but show their affection. No word on if they’re looking to expand their brood, but for now, Palmer is delighting in her little one. Check out her post above.

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