Kendrick Perkins Delivers Reality Check To The Warriors

Kendrick Perkins is one of the more polarizing figures on sports talk television. Overall, he was making headlines for all of the wrong reasons last week. This was due to the fact that he said that Nikola Jokic is a stat-padder. Moreover, he insinuated that the MVP voters are racist. This eventually led to a callout from JJ Redick that went viral. Needless to say, not everyone respects Perkins’ opinion. However, he is someone who can make for great ratings at ESPN, and that is why he remains employed.

With the playoffs on the horizon, there are now plenty of hot takes floating around. This is especially true as it pertains to the Western Conference. There are plenty of teams that could contend, and First Take is trying to figure it all out. For instance, today, Stephen A. Smith and Perkins had a debate about the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers. Overall, they were trying to decipher which team has the best chance at going far in the playoffs.

Kendrick Perkins Speaks

Ultimately, Perkins came through with some love for the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, he typically does this because LeBron is on the team. Over the years, Perkins has been incredibly biased toward LeBron, and today was no exception. Consequently, Kendrick Perkins even tried to hit the Warriors with a reality check. Simply put, he thinks their time in the spotlight is officially over. “The Golden State Warriors, their championship days are OVER!” Perkins explained. However, this is a team that always finds a way to win, so perhaps Perkins is getting too far ahead of himself right now.

Overall, the Warriors are sixth in the West. Meanwhile, the Lakers are in 10th. Despite this, there are only about two wins separating these two teams right now. It just goes to show that the Western Conference is incredibly open this season. Whether or not the Lakers or the Warriors go further than one another, still remains to be seen. Let us know if you think Perkins is right, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from the sports world.

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