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Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has sparked a fierce war of supremacy over rap eminence after he taunted Tanzanian rappers, claiming to be better than them and even inviting them to an emceeing showdown.

A few days ago, in his usual cocky fashion, Papa Jones took to Instagram to invite Tanzanian rappers to a battle, asking them to step in the booth and show their worth – or face his lyrical wrath.

“Tanzanians, your rappers have 24 hours to respond,” Khaligraph declared.

“Failure to which I will launch an attack and I will take over the whole Tanzanian music industry and become the best rapper in Tanzania, just like I am the best rapper in Nigeria and Kenya! “

Khali, however, acknowledged a couple of Tanzanian rappers but, however, invited them all to record diss tracks. 

“TZ rap was dead except for Lunya and a few others record diss tracks before niattack na msijibu na amapiano,” Khaligraph Jones boldly stated.

Reactions from Bongo Land poured in quick and fast, starting from Konde Gang honcho Harmonize,  who denounced Khaligraph’s remarks as a tasteless form of disrespect toward Tanzanian rappers and their artistic endeavours.

Harmonize, who just recently released his own collaboration with Khaligraph titled ‘Kwame’, asked Khaligraph to tread carefully, reminding him of their past collaboration and pointing out that Bongo rap was more than just Amapiano.

“How I went so hard to give you the only award this year. I didn’t know you could feel that big and disrespect my brothers! You really know all your rap inspiration is from Tanzania bro. Don’t forget home!” Harmonize wrote on his Instastories. 

“Unawajua Weusii, what about your daddy Professor Jay? Your level is Lunya and Con Boy county boy and still wanakulalisha!! You can tell kupitia your collaborations. OG relax, TZ hip hop is another level!”

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree also chimed in, and instead of typing out feeble words on Instagram, went straight to the booth where she concocted a braggadocious reply, spitting vehemently and assertively.

After uploading her vicious reply on Instagram, Khaligraph commented saying, “Good Trial”.

However, singer Bien Aime-Baraza wasn’t so nice after he called her ‘Minaj wa Busia’.

Undaunted Rosa Ree clapped back telling Khaligraph, ”Hatukuogopi Buda! Hizo chuma unabeba ukikuja huku tunakubeba wewe na gym mzima!”

Rapper Fido Vato, a member of now-defunct Tanzanian rap group Nako 2 Nako also responded saying that, after Khaligraph admitted to looking up to them, now he was pretending to be a ‘gangster’.

“Khaligraph is a little boy. He used to say he wants to be like Nako 2 Nako, now he’s pretending to be gangster. Arusha is not too far from Kenya. It’s just two hours. Get a bus, I challenge you to a rap battle and a boxing match. You’ve got a big body but your voice sound like your girlfriend’s!” he said.

Despite the fire that he lit, Khaligraph has not yet officially commented on the status of the challenge he instigated nor has he released an official diss track to silence his Bongo detractors.

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