Latest: Turkish rap agenda in ‘John Wick 4,’ Killa Hakan

In Hollywood’s latest production, “John Wick: Chapter 4,” which stars Keanu Reeves, there was a surprise reference to Berlin-based Turkish rapper Killa Hakan.

Instead, Killa Harkan, a character who appeared as the head of the German branch of the High Table, is also a tertiary antagonist in the film.

The use of Killa Hakan’s name in the film quickly became a hot topic on social media after the highly anticipated new installment of the John Wick series was released. The movie received praise from audiences around the world, and Killa Hakan’s reference did not go unnoticed.

The famous German rapper was vivified by a character who John Wick was given the task of killing in Berlin. British action star Scott Adkins portrayed the famous rapper in the film.

When I spoke to Killa Hakan and asked him about the feedback he received from viewers who heard his name in the movie, he replied, “I received some very interesting messages and questions, like ‘We wish you were in the film,’ ‘As a Turk, we are proud of you,’ ‘Did you know they used your name in John Wick? You’ve made history, and we are proud of you,’ and many more.”

Killa Hakan has every right to be proud, and he is also gearing up to greet his fans with new music and projects very soon.

Berlin-based rapper Killa Hakan. (Photo courtesy of Hakan Uç)

Favorite trio

This week, a trio collaboration took the top spot on my playlist, “Küstük mü?”

Kleo, Segah and Mavi recently put their signatures under many achievements in the rap world, and their collaboration has brought a different atmosphere to the industry. Producer Segah, who has produced great and record-breaking songs, has made a great alliance with the young and successful Kleo. The third name who completes the Voltron team is of course Mavi.

When you listen to the song, you will definitely feel the combination of their musical intelligence in the first few seconds, and it will be a song that will spread its aura everywhere after the holiday season. These two successful producers who have proven themselves in the kitchen of rap music have made the right alliance with Mavi, one of Türkiye’s youngest rap musicians. This trio seems to be starting a new trend in the rap music community – at least in my opinion.

Turkish rapper Çakal. (Photo courtesy of Hakan Uç)
Turkish rapper Çakal. (Photo courtesy of Hakan Uç)

Çakal: Now more global

Çakal, a rap singer whose name translates into “coyote” and who wants to be involved in more global works, has arrived in the U.S. It is possible to say that he is likely to jam in different frequencies after learning English. Let’s see what the young talent will offer us in the future.

A few days ago, the song “Yakalarsan” was released for Çakal enthusiasts. It is likely that the lyrics of this song will be on everyone’s lips. The music is signed by Casap, Yvng Demo and Nvthefinest, and the arrangement was made by Çakal himself.

The album cover of Mela Bedel's
The album cover of Mela Bedel’s “Bölüm Sonu.” (Photo courtesy of Hakan Uç)

‘End of Chapter’

Mela Bedel is ending the long-awaited excitement with her first album, “Bölüm Sonu,” which roughly translates to “End of Chapter.” It was released on all digital platforms under the Sony Music label, and all the lyrics of the 10-song album belong to Mela Bedel. The album’s songs were written by Mela Bedel herself, as well. In addition to new songs, the album also includes previously released tracks that received great acclaim.

Produced over a period of 13 months, the album also features the signature of notable producers such as Azel Bert, Sabi Saltıel, Segah and Murat Acar. The lead single of the album, “Tuzak,” (“Pitfall”) was written and composed by Mela Bedel and arranged by Azel Bert.

Regarding her lead single, Bedel said: “In this song, I evaluated the dynamics of relationships today and how it affects people based on my own experiences and reflections.” The song, which touches on business relationships, love and friendships, is also noteworthy for its many subtexts. Azel Bert is the producer of the song, while Kadim Tekin is responsible for mixing and mastering.

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