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AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas has published some interesting findings in its latest Texas Politics Project poll. Despite his legal entanglements, former President Donald Trump remains well-regarded by Texas Republicans. Most Texans are supportive of Gov. Greg Abbott’s border policies. And a great majority of residents want safer schools.

Although at the center of multiple legal battles, Trump seems to come out on top as the favorite contender for the 2024 Republican race. How people view him in Texas was rather split, with 41% reporting favorable and 51% unfavorable.

Former President Donald Trump is the most favorable GOP nominee in Texas. (UT)

“Following the pattern that has persisted since he won the presidency in 2016, partisan views were polarized: 86% of Democrats hold unfavorable views of the former president (81% very unfavorable), while 7% hold a favorable view. Among Republicans, 79% hold a favorable view (55% very favorable), while 15% view Trump unfavorably,” UT reported. 

Divided lines appear when discussing Texas’ border policies, as some find Abbott’s measures to keep illegal immigrants out cruel. However, most voters agree with the governor’s controversial immigration moves. UT’s poll assessed voters’ feelings about the policies, including the Rio Grand river buoys.

“Overall, a majority of Texas voters (52%) supported ‘placing buoys and barbed wire at the Rio Grande River to deter migration’ while 40% were opposed,” UT detailed. “Among Republicans, 88% supported the policy (73% expressing strong support) and 10% opposed it. Among Democrats, 18% supported the policy and 74% expressed opposition.”

Operation Lone Star received a great response from Texans, with Republicans reaching a nearly unanimous 94% and Democrats a mixed bag with 56% in opposition and 34% in support.

Texas voters were made to look over seven public education priorities that have garnered attention in the 88th Legislature. They recognized school safety as the utmost of importance. “School safety was judged ‘extremely important’ by 60% of registered voters, the only item to be assigned this urgency by more than half of Texans,” stated UT.

An August 2023 University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll graphic. (UT)

Curriculum content, teacher pay and retention, and parental rights were also all voted on as “extremely important.”

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