LeBron James Hit With Wave Of Boos At Super Bowl

LeBron James has been having a good week. His Lakers made some massive moves at the trade deadline, and now, they are looking to make a playoff push. Additionally, James broke the NBA record for most career points. He surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and now, it is a lot harder to advocate against him in the GOAT debate. When you add all of these things together, one can imagine that James is feeling good about life. After all, he is one of the most powerful athletes in the world, which has to be a nice feeling.

Last night, LeBron found himself at the Super Bowl. This game was played between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Overall, it was a fantastic match. Although, it ended with a Chiefs victory on a last-second field goal. It was a result that many were not expecting as most pundits had the Eagles taking this one. However, Patrick Mahomes had a legacy-defining second half where he was able to win the game on one ankle.

LeBron Gets Less Than A Warm Welcome

As for LeBron, he wasn’t exactly welcomed at the stadium in Arizona. In the clip above, James and his wife were shown on the big screen throughout the stadium. Although, he was immediately hit with a wave of boos. As we already know, James is a very polarizing figure, however, these boos seemed just a tad surprising. This is especially true since it had only been just a few days since his record-breaking night. Regardless, fans at the Super Bowl can be a pretty rowdy bunch, and this was another example of that. Hopefully, LeBron didn’t take it too hard.

Interestingly enough, James had some issues with the ending of the Super Bowl. On Twitter, he called out the officials for their pass interference call that ultimately gave the Chiefs a game-winning first down. While many rules analysts said the call was justified, others felt like it was a cheap way for the Chiefs to win. No matter what, it was a very entertaining game that had us paying attention until the very end.


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