Legislators are paid poorly but Kansas politicians could see pay raise – The Topeka Capital-Journal

The state’s two top lawmakers will back a pay raise for poorly paid legislators — as long as it doesn’t incentivize them to become career politicians.

Senate President Ty Masterson, R-Andover, and House Speaker Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita, told the Legislative Compensation Commission last week that they should find a balance when studying a pay raise for politicians.

“You have people that think this should be completely volunteer and people think it should be a high-paying career,” Masterson said. “I think both of those people are wrong.

“I’d also encourage you not to incentivize it being a career for somebody. There is value in a citizen legislature and having to serve under your own rules. It avoids some of what’s seen as rules for thee but not for me.”

A more representative government in Kansas

The Legislative Compensation Commission tasked with deciding on legislative pay raises is comprised entirely of men who are current or former legislators, hold other political offices or are lobbyists.

Much of the impetus behind raising legislative pay is the argument that it would allow for a more representative government.

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