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Lend support to newspapers
A man reads a newspaper Thursday afternoon, June 16, 2022, at the Brownsville Public Library. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

No matter what political position we represent when we provide our opinions in the printed media, we are all taking advantage of a quickly disappearing insurance policy for America’s survival.

Please realize that instantaneous news, current events, history garnered from the web, the cloud, your hard drive or phone have no permanency. They are easily modified, denied, and recreated, or completely deleted at the press of a key. Images can be Photoshopped, tapes edited, cloud files deleted against anyone’s wishes by those who control the storage.

We writers to and readers of newspapers and their web offerings are the protected minority. Once their journalists investigate, confirm, print and distribute the facts they are there to be viewed by all. No single button can delete or modify the printed page.

However, newspapers are changing due to the inroads of our computerized society, the decline of brick-and-mortar mom-and-pop stores and inroads brought by web advertising. We cannot rely on sensationalized news networks or even local television for accurate information as they are at the total whim of the advertisers’ dollars. Have you ever seen a “letters from the viewers” program on television?

Promote all local newspapers and their factual, not emotional, reporting to your neighbors and friends. Give subscriptions as gifts. Talk up their accomplishments on your Facebook pages. Please remember freedom and effectiveness of the Real Press is one of the few pillars still supporting America.

Ned Sheats


Dirty politics

Oh boy, politics is a dirty game. Throw in ignorance and boom, it explodes.

Looks like the Republicans are stuck with a lying, conniving, ruthless, criminal-minded ex-president, with criminal charges piling up every day and who betrayed his presidential oath but has more support than all the other better suited candidates. Trump blames the Democrats, who kept feeding him more and more rope, enough to finally hang himself. Yep, he brought all that criminal activity on himself and like the great conman he is, convinced his MAGA followers that putting the blame elsewhere alleviates all his criminal activity.

Former President Donald Trump arrives to speak at his Mar-a-Lago estate hours after being arraigned in New York City, Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

If this is the best the GOP has to offer, imagine the priorities of the MAGA followers. Go figure.

On another note, the state of Texas mandated all appraisal districts to take extreme measures raising our taxes to ridiculous and outrageous levels. This gave our governor the excuse to toy with us taxpayers, doing us a favor by planning some tax cuts.

Ignorance is abundant as many just let it slide. The GOP’s plan of shifting all the tax burden on taxpayers while alleviating the wealthy of any responsibility is working to a T. Thanks, GOP.

Hate — where did it come from? Could it have started with President Barack Obama and the GOP ‘s plan to make him a one-term president, obstructing and rejecting everything he brought to the table regardless of whether it was good for the country? They even degraded the sharp dresser that he was and ridiculed his wife and children.

Or maybe it was the traitor who badmouthed all the Democrats, calling them radical, left-wing communists. Apparently, this boosted his popularity to his MAGA followers.

Manipulating people’s minds is now the norm.

Juan Gonzales


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