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Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 multi-tool


Our review

This expansive set of 19 tools is lightweight and designed nicely, but it’s let down by some key details

Range of tools; well designed; good-length tools

Chain tool is ineffectual and difficult to use

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The Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 has a great range of tools and a CO2 adaptor.

Held neatly in place with a rubber band, it also has secure magnetic storage for quick-links.

Made from anti-corrosion coated aluminium, except the steel chain breaker, the Lezyne is a lightweight multi-tool.

Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 details and specs

This is a comprehensive multi-tool, which includes a full range of Allen keys (from 2-8mm) and the two most common Torx drivers (T10/T25).

The chain breaker body doubles as both an 8mm and 10mm wrench, which is useful for brake hoses and has integrated spoke keys.

The addition of magnetic quick-link storage and a detachable CO2 adaptor helps it stand out from the crowd.

Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 performance

The Rap II is made from anti-corrosion coated aluminium.
Vicky Balfour / Our Media

As you would expect from a well-respected brand such as Lezyne, this multi-tool is well thought through and has decent-length bits, which fit even the tightest of corners between your brake lever, gear lever and handlebar.

The addition of a T10 as well as a T25 Torx driver is a nice touch and is probably more useful on modern bike parts than a flat-head screwdriver, for example.

Frustratingly, the coating on the individual keys begins to wear off after even light use and the keys are not cut crisply, meaning there is movement when fully engaged in bolts.

This can lead to them slipping when under pressure and the softer metal of the bolt rounding off.

The CO2 adaptor is well made and has crisp threads, making it easy to connect to a CO2 canister.

The Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 has a great range of tools and a CO2 adaptor.
Vicky Balfour / Our Media

Once engaged with the Presta valve, you need to unwind the CO2 canister a quarter-turn in order to activate the CO2. This is made easier by the streamlined design of the adaptor, which fits easily between spokes.

The chain breaker is difficult to use and the pin did not work efficiently against my 12-speed chain, which was disappointing.

Likewise, the width of the multi-tool made it difficult to turn, in some situations, without risking damage to other parts.

The magnetic quick-link storage is brilliant and keeps them in place on the outer edges of the multi-tool, even when in a bag or in use.

How does the Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 compare to other multi-tools?

Despite the Lezyne having more tool options and being lighter, yet virtually an identical size, I would opt for the Park Tool MTB-5 because it’s easier to use.

Lezyne Rap II CO2 19 bottom line

The Rap II CO2 19 is a well-spec’d and good-looking multi-tool with a CO2 adaptor and chain breaker.

However, it’s let down by how difficult the chain breaker is to use and the quality of the finish on the individual parts.

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