Lizzo Called Out Haters Who Make Fun Of Her Then Copy Her

Lizzo can throw it back with her fierce twerking skills, but she has also made clapping back at online trolls a sport. While at home on break from weeks of strenuously international touring, the Grammy-Award-winning singer took to TikTok to share her newest look.

In the video, the “About Damn Time” singer gushes over her new lace front wig that she deemed her “skinny weave.” Lizzo proclaimed, “I used to love bundles on bundles on bundles. Make me look like the Cowardly Lion, but ever since I got this barely there wispy weave, I feel like doing the majorette challenge,” adding, “something about it is giving me new enjoy for the year.”

But in typically TikTok style, users jumped into the video’s comment section pushing back against the musician’s new look. However, Lizzo was there to put them in their place. In her response video caption, “everyone’s hair is gonna be at 20% density, and they’re gonna name it the librarian girl aesthetic,” Lizzo proclaimed she isn’t worried about appealing to the public because they often catch on too late anyway.

“This comment is hilarious, but y’all love to make fun of me. Then a year later, everybody is doing what I’m doing. This has happened time and time again,” said Lizzo. She continued, “I’m proud of what I’m doing. I like it…but keep the jokes coming. Y’all are funny. I love internet comedians”.”


Replying to @ssshanai prediction: everyone’s hair is gonna be at 20% density and they’re gonna name it the librarian girl aesthetic 🤓📚✨

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