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Recently there was a letter submitted questioning the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s decision that Jessica Purcell was the rightful holder of the vacant seat on the Chariho School Committee. The decision ousted Clay Johnson, who was appointed by the Richmond Town Council. Both sides argued their case before the Supreme Court and four justices decided that Mrs. Purcell, as the next-highest vote-getter of the 2022 election, must be appointed to the seat. The Supreme Court determined that the will of the people as expressed in the Richmond Town Charter and in the election of 2022 was significant and should be honored, as opposed to the will of three Town Council members. This was not a political appointment, unlike Clay Johnson’s appointment, it was the appointment required by the law and the will of the voters in 2022. The result is about the law and not one person’s opinion.

Contrary to the writer’s contention, Jessica Purcell is all about public service. She has coordinated and participated in numerous food drives for RICAN, has actively raised money to fund school libraries after funding was cut, and is an active participant in community organizations. She has worked hard to inform the public about the need to fund our public schools. She has two children in Chariho schools and is actively engaged at Richmond Elementary School, including being a member of the School Improvement Team. Jessica has volunteered for RES initiatives such as the Food Ambassador program and the Green Team. She has volunteered in classrooms and chaperoned field trips. She is currently working on developing a volunteer-powered before/after school reading program at both the elementary and middle school level.

Mrs. Purcell did not sit back when her seat was wrongly given to Clay Johnson. Rather than acquiesce to the bullying tactics of the Town Council, she stood up for her right and the right of those that voted for her to serve the Chariho community. Jessica had previously sought a seat in the fall of 2021 when Sheila Grover passed away, and then she ran for a seat in the 2022 election. Clay Johnson didn’t seek the seat at either time. Where the blame belongs is with Clay Johnson and the town councilors who felt their opinions were more important than the voters. As a result they cost the taxpayers of Richmond a minimum of $22,242.50 and double that if Mrs. Purcell’s legal fees are also found to be the responsibility of the town.

Mark Reynolds


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