Master P Talks Managing Meek Mill & Stepping Away When He Signed With Rick Ross

It’s been a full week for Master P. The No Limit mogul is back with another hot take, this time with talents who worked with him on differing projects. Both Fat Trel and Jess Hilarious revealed their stories with Percy Miller, much o the mogul’s dismay. There has been an indirect back-and-forth of sorts about each of their grievances, and as that settles, a new soundbite has Miller back in the viral spotlight.

Master P recently sat down with The Gauds Show, where he spoke about the days when he used to manage Meek Mill. Miller shared that he was a believer from the start, but P had to bow out when Meek didn’t take his advice. “I was Meek Mill’s manager. My and James, when he first started,” said Miller.

Master P Explains Leaving Meek’s Management Team

“So, let me tell you why I stopped,” he continued. “I knew that Meek was talented, at the beginning. We had that song. I was like, ‘Meek, you don’t need to sign with nobody.’ Meek was like, ‘I’m gonna sing with Ross.’ I had looked at the contract, and Ross, tell y’all from this day, Ross a good dude. But he ain’t have his business straight.”

“So, at that time—Ross got his sh*t together now. He a boss. But I’m sayin’, at that time you involvin’, I seen it,” Miller further shared. He advised Meek against inking the deal, but the Philadelphia rapper decided otherwise. “I had the crystal ball, but [Meek] ain’t want to listen. I told James, ‘Hey, it’s cool, you gon’ handle that.’ I ain’t never got mad at Meek. I just walked away from the deal ’cause if you don’t see what I see, I been there already.” The host noted that if Miller had stayed involved in that deal, he would have been blamed for any fallout.

Master P Says Meek Learned His Lesson

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“But look what God did, he had to go find out on his own, and now, he’s in a better position. But I’m tellin’ you, I knew he was a boss from jump.” Check out the clip above and tell us where you think Meek Mill’s career would be if he kept Master P as a manager.

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