Meet Ptazeta: The Interscope Records Artist Revolutionizing The Spanish Rap Scene


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At just 14 years old, Ptazeta began her love affair with rap music. “I always liked music in general, and rap was my favorite genre, as well as freestyle,” she tells El Planteo in an in-depth interview. In the conversation, she shares details about her career, her relationship with music, freestyle, cannabis, and the story behind her collaboration with ultra-viral Argentinian producer Bizarrap.

Interestingly, when the opportunity to connect with Bizarrap arose, Ptazeta’s music wasn’t on major streaming platforms. “I used to upload one-minute videos of me rapping on social media. One of them went super, ultra, mega viral, especially on Twitter. So, people started mentioning Bizarrap,” she explains. That’s how the famous artist discovered Ptazeta.

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The session with Bizarrap came later when Ptazeta gained more visibility. She credits Bizarrap for keeping his word and coming back to her months after their initial contact to create a life-changing collaboration.

“When the idea of the session first came up, I had never traveled outside of my home, not even to mainland Spain. If people thought it was big, imagine what it was for me,” she recalls.

From Freestyle to Her Style

Ptazeta began exploring the world of rap thanks to her passion for freestyle and rap battles. “I’ve always enjoyed writing, stories, ideas, whatever. One day, I said, ‘man, I can sit down and write a song using improvisation,’ and I realized that it’s what I like the most in the world,” she affirms. Although she no longer practices freestyle rap as much, the artist confesses she still enjoys improvisation as a method of composition.

“Freestyle was my refuge and therapy; it helped me overcome difficult moments and express what I felt,” she explains.

Despite having great respect for all artists in the genre, there are three freestylers who drive her crazy. “There are three people I like, but my heart is divided between Klan, who is amazing, and Zasco,” she confesses. The third on her list is Argentinian Dani Ribba.

The Answer

A few days ago, Ptazeta and Argentinian rapper Lit Killah joined forces to present their innovative and explosive new single, “La Respuesta.” The song combines rap and electronic music to create a powerfully danceable rhythm, showcasing the unique identity of both artists, who are references in the current Latin American scene.

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In the music video, filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, both artists are seen in a car chased by the police, enjoying the moment despite the situation and revealing La Respuesta. The video recording lasted approximately 15 hours and features real police officers.

“The truth is that it was an incredible experience, both the session because we were very comfortable at first, and the recording of the music video,” she comments.

In all of this, the opinion of her producer, Juacko, was crucial. “I always have his opinion in mind; for me, he is my brother. So I started from that base: if he thinks [Lit Killah] is a good person, so do I,” she states.

In fact, Ptazeta and Lit Killah met thanks to Juacko. Their first encounter in a Miami studio a year and a half ago led to “La Respuesta.” The song, sung in a mix of English and Spanish, is made for friends to enjoy together and connect with the energy both artists convey.

The Good Herb

Ptazeta admits that cannabis plays a significant role in her creative process. “When I was younger, I didn’t smoke, but later, when I started smoking, I realized that it opened my mind, and I started writing more, freestyling more,” she explains.

The artist views cannabis as a tool that enhances her creativity but is careful not to become too reliant on it. “It helps me to open my mind, but at the same time, I don’t want to become dependent on it. I have to find the balance,” she emphasizes.

Interscope Records And The Future

Ptazeta has come a long way since her days of freestyle battles, with her recent signing to the legendary Interscope Records confirming her growth as an artist. She explains that the signing came as a surprise to her, but it was a moment of validation and recognition for her hard work.

“It’s like, ‘Wow, I’m doing things well. People believe in me and my music,’” she shares. This partnership with Interscope will undoubtedly open doors for her career and help her reach new heights.

Ptazeta is excited about the future and is looking forward to continuing her growth as an artist. “I want to learn, grow, and find my place in the world of music,” she concludes.

With a powerful voice, unique style, and an unstoppable drive, Ptazeta is a rising star in the world of Latin American rap. Her journey from freestyle battles to the big leagues with Interscope Records is a testament to her talent and perseverance, and we can’t wait to see where her music takes her next.


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