Meghan Trainor’s Brother Says Famous Sis Talked Him Into Getting Botox: ‘LA Lifestyle’

All about that Botox!

In last Thursday’s episode of the Workin’ On It podcast, Meghan Trainor‘s brother Ryan Trainor said she convinced him to get Botox injections! During the pod, the 33-year-old confessed:

“Friends and family, I got Botox.”

To which Meg’s hubby Daryl Sabara excitedly replied:


The 29-year-old pop star then chimed in to add that this was because of her persuasion:

“Friends and family, I did it, there’s nothing I can’t do. Example A, I got Ryan to get Botox.”

Ryan went on to say the big decision for the injectable was made after he moved in with his sister, her husband, their two kids, and older brother Justin Trainor in El Lay. He joked that this is his new normal after settling into the City of Angels:

“This is me now, dude, LA lifestyle, LA life, 30-plus you start jabbing your head.”


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During his trip to the cosmetic surgeon, whom he and his little sis call “Dr. B“, they noted sun damage as well as wrinkles forming. The All About That Bass songstress explained:

“You can’t really do much about these lines that he’s already created on his face. But we can pause them here.”

She went on to say she’s also been getting her own Botox done by Dr. B in Beverly Hills for years, and thinks it’s a blessing because she’s still “aging and hasn’t passed”:

“I just want to freeze myself right here, I want to look like this forever. But I don’t need Botox as much as they say. Mine lasts so long, it’s great. And I think [Ryan’s] will too.”

Besides keeping skin bouncy and smooth, the Mother singer said it also has the benefit of keeping her periodical dermatitis — or an acne-like rash — under control. And the Spy Kids alum is supportive of his wife’s choices, as he added:

“Your skin’s looking flawless.”

Aww! So adorbs!

The siblings share some behind-the-scenes footage on the podcast of them going in to get their procedures done, and can’t help but laugh at themselves. Wrapping up his stance on the matter after having experienced it for himself, Ryan said:

“Beauty is pain and it was very painful. I have a newfound respect for anyone that goes through this just to, you know, better themselves. It hurts. It’s many, many bee stings. I was unprepared for how many. I was like ‘Oh it’s probably like two shots.’ It was a lot of jabs. I would have been like ‘I don’t want that many jabs’ and she would have been like ‘Oh OK,’ and probably done it anyway.”

In the end, the middle Trainor sibling said he was grateful for his sister’s suggestion:

“But thank you very much Meghan, you just want me to be better and I’m very blessed to have you in my life.”

Sweet! You can watch the full pod for yourself (below):

We love to see Meghan and her brother have such a good relationship. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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