Nashville’s music beyond country, Americana showcased at new Brooklyn Bowl showcase event – Tennessean

In the second year of operations for the Nashville-based outpost of the 1000-capacity national entertainment venue chain Brooklyn Bowl, a desire has emerged for a unique corporate but national-to-hyper-local synergy to exist where, alongside a series of dance party nights honoring the 600 million albums that artists like ABBA and Drake have sold worldwide, Aug. 24 finds the multi-genre “Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local” showcase occurring at 7 p.m. CT.

The event is headlined by rising, Nashville-based acts the Stoop Kids, Of The Dell, BCKHND and Baylee Lindsey.

Tickets are available at

Aug. 3’s event edition featured Crumbsnatchers, Crystal Rose, Hans Condor and Seth Martin.

For Brooklyn Bowl Nashville’s formerly Athens, Georgia-based operations manager and assistant talent buyer Rick Poss, the night taking its name from a t-shirt Bill Murray wears while on vacation in the now cult classic film “What About Bob” serves two purposes:

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