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Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece gets remixed with the original 4Kids rap intro in a video reminiscent of the dubbed anime.


  • Netflix’s live-action One Piece series gets remixed with the original intro rap from the infamous 4Kids dub, creating a tongue-in-cheek and nostalgic intro.
  • The 4Kids version of One Piece is often mocked for its many changes, including splicing episodes together and making the show more kid-friendly by removing guns and altering the storyline.
  • While the live-action series maintains the spirit of the original story, it’s amusing to see it get a 4Kids remix.

Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation has been remixed using the original intro rap from the anime’s 4Kids dub. The live-action series has been praised for maintaining its spirit while also putting its own spin on Eiichiro Oda’s original story. It continues to be a popular success for Netflix, making One Piece season 2 a genuine possibility in the future.

Now, Geo has remixed Netflix’s live-action One Piece series with the intro rap from the anime’s dub on 4Kids.

The video uses relevant footage from the live-action version to create an intro reminiscent of the 4Kids dub. Its tongue-in-cheek nature references how 4Kids’ version of the show is often mocked for its many changes to the original anime.

Why The 4Kids One Piece Dub Is So Infamous

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Aside from changing the intro of One Piece into a rap, the 4Kids version of the show often spliced multiple episodes together to create a new experience. This was because the original anime was aimed at a teenage demographic, featuring some darker story turns and some blood during action scenes. 4Kids recut the anime to be more kid-friendly, altering the dynamic of the show in the process.

Some infamous examples of 4Kids changing the series include Sanji’s cigarette becoming a lollipop and removing guns entirely from the show. Other changes altered the story itself, including Arlong saying Bellemere is in a dungeon and the series entirely skipping the Little Garden Arc. Because of its many changes, 4Kids’ version of the show is often regarded as both a bad yet memorable part of One Piece history.

As the live-action One Piece moves into the Grand Line, it’s doubtful the series will be skipping arcs or altering the fates of important characters moving forward. Even so, it’s humorous to see the live-action rendition get a 4Kids remix. Perhaps another remix will happen with events from the Arabasta Saga if the Netflix adaptation gets renewed for season 2.

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