New iPhone 15 USB cable could impact Apple badly, analyst warns

Apple iPhone 15 launch is all set at the Apple Event 2023 and all the four iPhones are likely to come with significant alterations. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 smartphone is about to usher in a significant change by replacing its proprietary Lightning port with the widely used USB-C port. While this shift may seem like a positive step towards standardisation, UBS analyst David Vogt suggests that it might not be all smooth sailing for Apple’s loyal customer base. If you want to check out the launch, then know that the Apple Event 2023 date is September 12, 2023.

According to Vogt, some consumers may have to think twice before they decide whether to jump on the iPhone 15 bandwagon. Their hesitation primarily stems from the inconvenience of having to replace their existing cables and chargers with USB-C alternatives. In Vogt’s own words, “People aren’t going to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, because they’d have to change their cables everywhere. Maybe that causes people to wait a little bit,” 9to5.Mac reported.

EU Regulations Drive Apple’s Charging Port Decision

Intriguingly, the decision to make this charging port switch seems to be influenced by regulatory factors in the European Union (EU). Apple has a long history of using proprietary ports, such as the Lightning port, but the EU has been pushing for more standardised connections across devices. Consequently, USB-C has gained prominence as an industry standard, and Apple’s move can be seen as a response to these regulatory pressures.

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Some tech enthusiasts argue that Apple might have ideally preferred a gradual transition, starting with its Pro models, before implementing the change across all iPhone models. In fact, there were calls for this port shift as early as the iPhone 12 Pro, suggesting that Apple might have been somewhat inflexible in its approach.

The Impact on iPhone 15’s Upgrade Rates

Nonetheless, if the upgrade rates for the iPhone 15 are affected due to customers’ reluctance to adapt to new chargers, the credit or blame might go to the EU’s regulatory stance. While many believe that Apple should have embraced USB-C earlier, the impending shift will force consumers to adapt sooner rather than later.

Michael Gartenberg, an independent technology adviser, explained the thought process in users by saying, “For most users, the iPhone 13 is going to be good enough, and the base iPhone camera takes good enough pictures,” says.

As the iPhone 15 launch approaches, it remains to be seen how customers will react to the USB-C charging port switch. Whether it leads to hesitation in upgrading or not, one thing is certain: the change will soon be upon us. Apple has scheduled its next event for September 12 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, where all will be revealed.

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