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Sho Baraka recently dropped a video listing 10 things he believes should be implemented for Christian Hip-Hop to continue to grow in a healthy manner. Of course, this blazed-up chatter within the community and nobigdyl. had a response video that objected to two of Sho’s points.

First, here’s a brief summary of Baraka’s list:

1. Bring Jesus back
2. Learn English (metaphors, motifs, double entendres, alliterations)
3. Stop Worrying about the mainstream
4. Get off socials & shut your mouth
5. Have a close community in person. Get slapped in person.
6. Before the record deal, get counseling.
7. Let the genre grow with the audience.
8. Go to church.
9. Read books.
10. If you’re black, for every CCM tour you do, you owe shows at Baptist churches, COGIC churches, or just one church of God a show.

Watch Sho Baraka Below:

Now, here is the response from nobigdyl.

Essentially dyl. took issue mostly with the “Bring Jesus Back” portion of Sho’s video. He then gave examples of overtly “Jesus-centered” artists and songs reaching people and doing numbers. Wande, RG, Zauntee, Hulvey, Scootie Wop, indie tribe. themselves, KB, and on and on.

The discourse then took into the comments with dyl. and Sho speaking to each other. And before you make this anything bigger, it was “drama free,” just two adults talking.

“the biggest songs in CHH right now are Jireh, WALK, King Jesus, Spin Back, No Weapon, Rocky Road pt 2, Altar, Can’t Tell It All, God Made A Way etc… what’s really going on?” said nobigdyl. before adding, “+ many many others like childlike cici, porsha love, HEAVENONEARTH etc. really too many to name.”

Sho Baraka commented, “I appreciate this rejoinder and your heart to defend something and those you love. In short I did not say “The younger generation”. This was a satirical response to the whole culture. As we know satire falls short. But love and peace to you. Keep up the beautiful work sir.”

“appreciate the response and the clarification + have major respect for you. God is doing amazing + important things for His glory through CHH rn + i see it belittled alot for untrue reasons. i want people to tap in to His movement and not dismiss it,” dyl. replied.

Sho concluded, “Let me be clear and honest. I am saddened by the actions of co-labors and friends. Many of whom have left the faith. However I also see the bright future of many of those you mentioned. I’m not tapped into all to be honest. But I’ve given love to many of all in interviews (Ruslan and more) indie. tribe especially. I heed the challenge to be more aspirational about what’s happening. Blessings.”

A CHH O.G. & a future O.G. handling a “disagreement” perfectly. We need more of this!

What do you think of the response by nobigdyl.?

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