Pakistan-born Salman Khan makes history by winning six-star marathon championship medal

Pakistan-born Dr Salman Khan pictured during a marathon. — Abbott World Marathon Majors Website/File 

Pakistan-born Dr Salman Khan became the first Pakistani who was able to pioneer six important marathon championships under Abbott World Marathon Majors — an important title in the history of marathon championships — in the world. 

The six-star marathon championship medal is given to those who complete Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo marathons.

Salman, while participating first in Boston Marathon decided to commit himself to winning the six-star medal.

While speaking in an interview, the Pakistani-born medallist said the medal means a lot for him and for his country, further highlighting that he would also “like to participate in the Paris Olympian marathon championship in 2024 if possible.”

The winner also said that he would like to do the Boston marathon race every year because it allows him to come across people from all around the world. He also added that each of the five races has something to offer.

The marathon runner also advised those who are intending to participate in the race by saying they should enjoy running. People need to remain consistent and dedicated to getting the medal in their name, he added.  

The Pakistani-born runner, while giving a message to his fellow Pakistanis said that he wants to inspire his countrymen. He also went on to add that “nothing is impossible”.

The marathon championship which took place on March 5 was collectively participated by 11 Pakistani or Pakistani-born American and British citizens including five women.

Hamid Butt, Rabia Naeem, Ayesha Qamar, Fahad Mukhtar, Prem Kumar, Huma Rehman, Fawad Kareem, Ayesha Akhtar, Hasan Tajdar and Sarah Lodhi were among the other Pakistanis who had also participated in Tokyo Olympics, other than the medallist.

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