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It is a fact of human civilization that money and power are inextricably intertwined and widely desired. As the richest and most powerful nation on Earth, the United States faces unique challenges managing its wealth and influence while maintaining its status as a democracy that represents and serves its citizens.

There are two global indices that measure countries by their levels of corruption and the fullness of their democratic systems. The United States is not at the top of either list.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index ranks the U.S. 27th out of 180 countries for public corruption.  Our score of 69 points out of 100 and rank of #24 is up slightly over the previous year due to accountability efforts after the January 6 riots, increased funding to combat corruption from foreign sources, and state initiatives to improve voter participation. However, we are ranked below nearly every other western European nation, Japan, Canada, and Uruguay, and are nearly equally ranked with Chile. This ranking does not fill me with optimism.

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