‘Pure evil’ career criminal — with 22 felonies on rap sheet — sprung early from prison, killed Florida senior

A Florida career criminal described as “pure evil” was sprung early from prison — only to go on a crime spree that included the slaying of an elderly man, police said.

Justin Giambanco, 31, served just 18 months of a 53-month sentence and was back committing burglaries in the Palm Bay area before he brutally killed a 69-year-old man Thursday, Police Chief Mario Augello said..

Palm Bay Police Chief Mario Augello said the suspect was already in jail over an unrelated case when they connected him to the murder, adding that the career felon should have never been released early given his violent history.

“This 31-year-old suspect is pure evil,” Augello said at a news conference. “We are seeing far too many violent repeat offenders being released way too early for either shortened sentences, or because of minimal bottom outs.”

“The suspect in this case is just another example of how our current criminal justice system is failing to keep our community safe,” he added.

Police said Giambanco had 22 felony and 24 misdemeanor charges on his rap sheet, and was cut loose in October 2022.

He was initially imprisoned after a conviction for throwing a rock through the window of a home he’d previously trespassed in 2017.

Justin Giambanco, 31, was arrested for the brutal murder of a 69-year-old man.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Palm Bay Police Chief Mario Augello is pictured at a news conference.
Palm Bay Police Chief Mario Augello described Giambanco as “pure evil.”

After serving two years behind bars, police said he repeatedly violated the terms of his release, with the court imposing a 53-month sentence in April 2021.

Giambanco, however, only served 18 months and was then arrested April 15 for battering a police officer and trespassing. He was released the following day on bond.

“Since his most recent release, this individual has been a suspect of several burglaries within our county and his most heinous act yet, the brutal murder of a 69-year-old Palm Bay resident just a few short days ago,” Aguello said.

Giambanco is pictured.
Police said Giambanco had 22 felony and 24 misdemeanor charges on his rap sheet.

pictured is the home of the Palm Bay slaying victim.
Police said they found the murder victim inside his home in Palm Drive Northeast, in Palm Bay.
Google Maps

The slaying victim hasn’t been publicly identified, but police said they recovered evidence at the scene that immediately connected Giambanco to the homicide.

It was not immediately clear why Giambanco’s sentence was shortened. Police did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The career criminal now faces charges for second-degree murder with a firearm, false imprisonment, grand theft with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.  

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