Quavo & Offset Got Into A Physical Altercation At Grammys Over Takeoff Tribute: Report

Quavo and Offset are reportedly still on bad terms. According to TMZ, the former Migos groupmates got into a physical altercation backstage at the Grammys. Apparently, it all happened right before Quavo hit the stage to perform “Without You” in honor of Takeoff during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. The two allegedly got into a physical fight that required them to be pulled apart.

According to reports, the Grammys invited Offset to join Quavo on stage during the tribute to Takeoff. However, Quavo refused to allow him on stage and be a part of the moment. The “MESSY” rapper then prevented Offset from emerging on the stage during the segment and shortly after, they allegedly squared off. Neither Quavo nor Offset have publicly confirmed whether this altercation occurred. However, TMZ’s “Offset sources” allege Quavo began the fight. 

Fans expressed disappointment that Offset didn’t join Quavo on stage. However, it isn’t necessarily surprising. Quavo wrote “Without You” specifically for Takeoff, while neither Qua’ or ‘Set have necessarily put aside their differences publicly. However, Offset stated during his speech at Takeoff’s funeral that he wanted to focus on brotherhood and family.

At the time of Takeoff’s death, Offset was already on the outs with his group mates. He pursued his solo career while Quavo and Takeoff delivered their joint project, Only Built For Infinity Links. There have been a number of rumors surrounding why they haven’t been on good terms, including allegations that Offset and Saweetie were involved in some sort of entanglement.

Besides his altercation with Quavo, Offset also got into an online spat with J. Prince. The Rap-A-Lot CEO claimed Offset wasn’t around for Takeoff when he was alive, prompting a scathing response from the “Ric Flair Drip” artist.

“I don’t know what the f*ck y’all got going on. You speaking on my real brother. How dare one of y’all n***as speak on me and Take relationship, n***a? I don’t know you n***as from a can of paint,” he said. “Nobody said nothing but you n***as. Who y’all n***as think y’all n***as is? John Gotti, n***a? Ain’t nobody going for none of that. I ain’t standin’ for none of that sh*t y’all n***as talkin’ about either.”

We will continue to keep you posted on any more news surrounding Offset and Quavo’s alleged altercation at the Grammys. 


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