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“In the Shankill and Falls and other working class areas, we are all the same.”

The band, who were formed in 2017, made up of Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap and DJ Próvaí have built a reputation for producing original and creative music alongside unique artwork.

Their latest mural features the slogan “England Get Out of Ireland” with a hand extending from a map of Ireland to grip a British arm as it plucks the North.

“In the Shankill and Falls and other working class areas, we are all the same. We are all one. It is about community and love,” the group wrote on social media on Wednesday.

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Kneecap referenced the fact that some people may be “confused” about their new artwork.

“This new mural, the message is that both sides of the peacewall would benefit from not having a Tory Government in charge.

“We don’t want to get anyone out of Ireland apart from the British Government,” the band added.

When the new mural was unveiled on Hawthorn Street, the band highlighted how youths of their generation in the loyalist community “respect each other” and how drinks were shared over the band’s music.

A number of politicians had previously labelled their murals as “depressing,” “fostering hatred,” “seeking to cause hurt,” and they have caused a stir amongst some.

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Band member Móglaí highlighted the reality on the ground amongst younger people, however:

“It’s the same people who are coming out trying to be outraged constantly over paintings on walls when in reality there’s a lot worse things happening in the north. There’s a bigger crisis happening.”

He told the BBC of an experience in the loyalist Sandy Row area of Belfast after Twelfth of July parades, where everyone were singing their debut song C.E.A.R.TA, the Irish word for ‘rights.’

“If they’re going to jump me, they really wouldn’t be singing the chorus to one of our songs, and they were sound, we had a chat… and that’s the reality on the ground,” he said.

“These people have respect for each other, and we drank some Buckfast. The reality with them is different.

“If (politicians) don’t want to get it, we understand it – that’s their own problem.

“We don’t have to rely on mainstream media to get fans. Thankfully with social media now we can build our own platforms,” said Móglaí.

The group told the loyalist community that “we are all one” when the latest artwork was unveiled.

The band are set to embark on a North American tour on October 1 – featuring shows in Toronto, Boston, New York, Virginia, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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