Samsung plans to launch a rollable smartphone in 2025, reveals tipster

Samsung has been one of the pioneers when it comes to the development of Android smartphones in the last few years. Its devices, especially the high-end options, have raised the bar for the next generation of smartphones. Its standout offerings in the last few years have been the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, which have touched upon the nostalgia of the Moto Razr days and enhanced the usability of foldable smartphones. But if reports are to be believed, a Samsung smartphone that is tipped to roll out in 2025 could blow away even its high-end foldables.

Samsung’s rollable smartphone

According to a report by Sammobile, tipster Revegnus posted details about a revolutionary smartphone that Samsung could launch in two years’ time. This device, which is planned for 2025, could feature a rollable OLED display. Interestingly, this would not be just a concept smartphone but a mass-market device that would be available for purchase to the public. Revegus wrote, “Samsung plans to start mass-producing rollable smartphones in 2025”.

One of the highlights of Samsung’s smartphone with a rollable OLED display would be an Under Panel Camera (UPC) that would not require any cutout. It would feature a near-bezel-less display.

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While there have not been any mass-produced rollable smartphones, companies have time and again shown their technological prowess with rollable concepts. Samsung, at the SID Display Week 2023 in May, showcased its “Rollable Flex” display that could flex to a staggering 12.4 inches with the aid of a motorized mechanism. At the convention, Samsung display explained, “The biggest feature is that we were able to turn a difficult-to-carry large-sized display into a portable form factor by making it rollable.”

Therefore, it is possible that we could see a similar kind of technology in its 2025 rollable smartphone.

Rollable vs foldable: Which smartphones are better?.

Foldable smartphones are prone to get damaged at the center due to unexpected stress that can build up while folding or unfolding the device. While this is not an issue with rollable smartphones, their motorized mechanism could become a point of failure. However, considering that Samsung has now nearly perfected its foldable smartphone series, it is possible that the South Korean tech giant would be able to negate this issue.

Unlike foldable smartphones, rollable devices can potentially flex from a small screen size to a tablet-sized display, taking away the need for a tablet and a smartphone, something which foldables smartphones have aspired to do till now.

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