Saturday’s ‘Coach Prime’ coverage was off the charts

Now that it’s evident Deion Sanders and Colorado are unavoidable, there needs to be some parameters in place. The Buffs upset No. 17 TCU, 45-42, on Saturday in a thrilling game regardless of what you think about Coach Prime.

The talent, and subsequent spin, was on display before, during, and after the contest.

Shedeur Sanders set a CU record with 510 passing yards — adding four touchdowns, including the go-head score in a back and forth final quarter. Travis Hunter played two ways, and eclipsed 100 yards receiving while also adding a touchdown-saving interception. Dylan Edwards has four touchdowns — three receiving, and another rushing — and four Buffs had 100 yard receiving days.

The stampede of talent almost matched Fox’s onslaught of “Coach Prime” coverage. I’m addition to an advertorial interview with Erin Andrews, Big Noon promos felt like ads for coach Sanders’ reality show on Amazon. It wasn’t just Fox either, as my attempt to watch ESPN’s College Gameday was cut short by another Coach Prime segment.

After Saturday’s debut, college football fans are going to be swimming in a sea of Deion Sanders propaganda, and as charismatic as he is, maybe slow down on calling him an “American icon” during the broadcast like Gus Johnson did.
Between Johnson and CU alum Joel Klatt, the viewing experience felt like an informercial. Both only referred to coach Sanders as “Coach Prime,” and called the star QB “Deion’s kid” almost as often as they called him Shedeur.

We get it. Everybody loves to say Coach Prime and buy into to the hype, but that everybody should not include the two guys in the booth who are going to call a bunch of CU games this year.

Colorado is on Fox next week as well, and perhaps Klatt and Johnson should sit this one out. One game in, Klatt was ready to call Shedeur the best QB in school history, seemingly caught his hyperbole in moment, and hedged, saying it was up there with the best performances he’s seen by a Buff quarterback.

Look, I get it. Who wouldn’t be excited? Especially an alum after watching his school win a singular game a year ago. I just think that if you’re a national booth, try not to emulate a Tommy Heinshn.

Deion was in Aflac commercials, California Almonds spots, and also consoling crying assistants on the sideline. Not sure what that last one was about, but $20 says Coach Prime lent a shoulder to Klatt and Johnson in the postgame.

Have some dignity, and try to contain yourselves. I felt like I was rewatching Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call early Tony Romo games, before Troy went cynical.

The Fox booth’s enthusiasm for Coach Prime had the unintended consequence of making everything positive they said about the Horned Frogs come off as patronizing. Sure, CBS has been carrying Nick Saban’s jock for a decade, but I never got the feeling Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson were huffing the effluvium.

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