SF official, political club blast police ‘hill bomb’ operation in Mission – Mission Local

A San Francisco supervisor and one of the city’s top political clubs have condemned the police action taken against a crowd of unruly teenage skateboarders in Dolores Park yesterday, which resulted in 113 arrests and dozens of children, zip-tied and confined, waiting hours to be released to their parents.

Supervisor Dean Preston tweeted a rebuke of the operation, writing that he was “at a loss to explain this abuse of power, waste of money, and trauma inflicted on our young people.” 

“I’m ashamed of our City leadership for this type of militarization of our streets and attack on our youth,” he wrote. “People deserve answers.”

Reached by phone, Preston said he would “certainly” be seeking more information from the San Francisco Police Department about last night’s events. The department said the action was an attempt to control a “riot.” 

The Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, one of San Francisco’s oldest Democratic political clubs and a power center for the Castro, issued a similarly strong condemnation, writing that its leadership was “outraged by the large scale show of force by police in military gear against teenagers at Dolores Park” and calling the operation “one of the most violent police actions in recent memory.” 

“We demand an immediate and comprehensive independent investigation into the arrests,” the club wrote, adding that it would seek a review of the use of restraints, batons, and less-lethal rifles, as well as the conditions of those arrested.

“The treatment of juveniles left detained until 3 a.m., shivering in the cold and forced to endure degrading circumstances, including urinating on themselves, must be thoroughly examined.”

Mission Local reported one teenager’s account of girls wetting themselves while waiting to be transferred off a bus into a police station. Another teenager arrested recounted being zip-tied so tightly his hands swelled up, and several others mentioned tight restraints.

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