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There was no grand plan for the Shook Twins to form a band or hit the music scene the way they have. After college and returning to Sand Point Idaho, life unfolded, gradually leading them on tour, and recording album after album.

“For me, it’s a wonderful way to give back wherever we go, spreading joy,” Laurie Shook said “At each show, we have an offering to give. It’s our way to hopefully bring joy to people.”

Katleyn echoed similar sentiments, being quoted on the theatre’s website as saying “When we play, it’s a night for everyone to escape. We all need that as humans, maybe now more than ever.”

The duo, Katelyn on vocals and guitar, and Laurie one banjo and vocals, will be playing at the San Juan Community Theatre Aug. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Alex Radokovich will join them on the drums while Aber Miller will play bass and keyboard, turning the duo into a quartet.

For those unfamiliar with their music, Katelyn describes their style as diverse. “We can be a mellow duo, folk-rock club band, or weird late-night band. We love this sense of musical diversity.”



Since their 2008 debut, “You Can Have The Rest,” Shook Twins have conjured up dreamy folk with ghostly traces of Americana tradition uplifted by transcendently hummable melodies and lilting cinematic instrumentation.

The Aug. 26 concert, according to Laurie, will consist of old and new songs, and they usually play one “Shookified” cover.

Playing in curated venues like the theater has become their favorite experience. “People are very receptive, engaged,” Laurie explained. “Some venues are set up so the band is just in the background.” It’s that give and take from an engaged live audience that keeps them playing. With hundreds of shows and several albums under their belt, the Shook Twins have reached a point in their careers where they can choose the venues and perform in places that matter to them.

Though the music industry can be challenging, playing at the Red Rock Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado with Gregory Alan Isakov and Ani DiFranco was one of the highlights of their career Laurie said.

Laurie encouraged up-and-coming musicians to keep going, playing shows, connecting with other bands and “be your authentic self.”

For her, at the core of music, is expressing feelings. “Music is a soundtrack for specific emotions for your life. It satisfied the soul, I think. So to put words to specific feelings in a unique way gives purpose to why we are driving around in a van.”

The twins are thrilled that the van is returning them to the islands.

“We love coming to the San Juans, it’s always such a delight,” Laurie said, noting the last time they visited they saw J-Pod and were amazed. “We are really excited to come back. Everyone is so kind, and we hope to see J-Pod again, and hope they are doing well.”



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The Shook Twins will also be playing at the Orcas Center Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. and the Lopez Center for the Arts Aug. 25 at 7 p.m.

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