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Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece has earned a lot of love since its release, partly because of its phenomenal cast of Straw Hat pirates, partly due to the story, and probably also because of the nostalgia it offers millennials. The generation of adults who grew up watching the original anime might’ve been disappointed that one element didn’t make the adaptation: the 4Kids Entertainment dub’s rap intro. Fortunately, someone has combined past nostalgia with present-day footage, and seeing the two mixed together just might make your inner child weep with joy.

Most anime fans would agree that the 4Kids dub of the One Piece anime, which is not the one viewers will see streaming with a Netflix subscription, is the inferior version of the show. The one exception would be the absolutely killer theme song, and we now once again have the pleasure of enjoying the pirate rap introducing the Straw Hat crew. but with footage from the live-action series cut in thanks to X user Geo. Check it out: 

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